INTRO COINvest is a social application for homebuyers.

Home owners in new buildings have many common goals — starting from quality control of construction to the selection of the housing maintenance company. These tasks are much easier to solve in cooperation with future neighbors and experts whom one can meet via our social app INTRO COINvest.

Through a convenient application, the buyers will be able to chat with each other, developers’ representatives and, if necessary, lawyers and technical experts. Moving in a new residential block or a village, the neighbors will be able to save on buying household goods through the club of joint purchases.

The application will help homebuyers to find an expert for property review and make sure that the building meets all technical standards. The offers of interior designers and property lawyers will be available as well.

The COINvest users will be able to rate their developers and service providers. The ratings will be stored in unchangeable blockchain in order to keep a truthful record on the company operations.

The application users will be rewarded with INTRO Tokens for any useful activities in the system (friends' invitation, activity in chats, writing reviews, etc.). The more tokens one collects on his/her personal account, the higher will be the discount in the partner retailers of furniture, household utensils and DIY-materials.

The app development is underway from September 2017, the launch is planned for July 2018.