INTRO Sale is a private online auction for developers property buyers

Developers often suffer cash flow gaps during the construction cycle and urgently need cash inflow. In such cases, developers often offer properties at net cost to their partners who further resell them at a market price.

INTRO Token holders will be able to join the Intro Sale affiliate network and participate in private auctions. The bidding will be carried out during a limited time with all the bids written in blockchain. This ensures that the best price wins and token holders make a property investment at attractive terms.

Beta testing of the system among the users of INTRO Analytica proved that developers are interested in closed bidding, as they help not to break the overall sales plan for the object due to occasional discounts. The share of discounted properties in the construction project usually does not exceed 5%, therefore, public announcements of auction sales are undesirable.

The development of IINTRO Sale began in July 2017, commercial launch takes place in January 2018.

Demo access:
Password: 1TokenINTRO